Edible Marijuana in Tulsa

Edible Marijuana in Tulsa

Whole Leaf offers a comprehensive line of edible marijuana. Each piece is tasty, potent and powerful. Infused with cannabis extract, these snacks pack the power of premium indica and sativa buds. Our edibles also eliminate the hassle of preparation or smoking equipment. Simply pop a treat in your mouth and you get the correct dosage — no chance of over- or under-medicating.

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Find Natural Relief Through a Wide Variety of Edible Options

Since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, we have been on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis edibles to Tulsa area patients. We connect you with Oklahoma’s most trusted manufacturers of edibles, so you have access to an abundance of choices.

You’ll find delicious options from Whole Leaf’s selection. Savor the rich decadence of our chocolate chip cookies or the gooey goodness of our caramels. You can even choose to enjoy the crunch of our cereal treats. Not into sweets? We also have drink mixes you can prepare any time of the day.

Our snacks are made from high-quality  ingredients, effectively masking the smell and taste of the cannabis. These edibles look like ordinary food, so you can discreetly take your medicine anywhere.

If you’re not sure which edible marijuana you should consume, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you choose. Our snacks have varying dosages and dominant strains, so consult our team to help you select the treat that’s suitable for you.

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Our customers are able to find natural relief for their medical issues without traditional pain medicine or costly prescriptions. No matter what your taste preference, we have something for you.