Bath and Body Products are medical marijuana infused products like lotions, body oils, bath oils and suppositories. These products come in many different forms and textures with the majority absorbed through the skin. The majority of topicals are non-psychoactive – so patients can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana without feeling the high that is associated with other forms of medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana bath products can include lotions, oils, patches, sprays, soaps, lubricants, bath salts, and cool or warm balms, and are often made from essential oils and other organic materials. (Source.)

How Do They Work?

When you use a cannabis-infused topical products, THC can bind directly to CB1 receptors present in skin, muscle tissues and nerves, and that brings relief to the affected area. It also makes its way into the bloodstream, where it interacts with CB2 receptors. Topical cannabis can get distributed to the rest of the body via the blood, but this happens so slowly that most people don’t detect any mental effect. (Source.)

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