Vaping is the heating of marijuana, or any related chemicals, into a fine vapor.

This does not involve combustion and therefore, there is no burnt plant material inhaled by the user.

Different Vaping Methods

Dry Herb/Flower

Dry herb vaporizers are portable, handheld, and easy to use. Dry herb vaporizers heat marijuana without carbonization – which releases medicine direct from the dry flower with no smoke inhalation. This method is best for a patient who wants the same experience, taste and effect as smoking dried flower but without the actual smoke. However, it is important to remember that because the way the chemicals are being released, the type and length of the effect may vary versus smoking.


Also known as vapes or pen vaporizers, this modality is small and discreet for those on the go. Pen vaporizers are battery powered and can provide some very strong effects by vaporizing highly concentrated marijuana oils. Many people say that oils provide more of a cerebral high vs. a body high, which could be troublesome for those looking for pain relief.

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